Frequently Asked Questions:

When are crawfish in season?
Crawfish season usually starts in late February and last through early July.

Where do you get your crawfish from?
Our crawfish comes directly from the crawfish farms in Louisiana. They are specially ordered from Louisiana craw-fishermen just before your event so that we have the largest, freshest, liveliest crawfish available to cook for your party.

How fresh are your crawfish?
All of our crawfish are live when delivered and live when we cook 'em for you.

What does it mean to "purge" live crawfish and do you purge your live crawfish before you boil them?
Purging is a process that causes live crawfish to excrete any wast it may have in its system prior to boiling. We wash all of our crawfish 3 times and purge them crawfish in fresh water before boiling. The result is a cleaner, tastier product.

How do I know how much crawfish will be needed for my event?
As a rule of thumb, each of your guests will eat about 3 pounds of our delicious boiled crawfish. You can safely bet on 3 pounds per guest and if you're feeding a big hungry Cajun crowd you'll probably want about 4-5 pounds per guest.

Do you provide tent, table, and chair rentals?
Yes. If you need tables, chairs, or a tent we can provide that through our Party Rental service.

I don't have a final head count. Should I contact you anyway?
Yes. If you have a definite date in mind and a general idea of your headcount let us know. We can get your date locked in and you can adjust your headcount up to a week in advance.

Why should I choose Crawdad's! instead of another caterer?
We do much more than just show up with food. Our fun music, games, photos and more provide your guests an experience they will remember. We're also the only caterers in Texas that provides a money back guarantee. Don't risk being embarrassed by another caterer that shows up late, runs out of food, or doesn't have professional credentials. We make you look like a HERO!

Why aren't you the cheapest?
We understand that there is a lot more to having a great event than just showing up and cooking. Our customers choose us because they don't want to risk being embarrassed by choosing an a less-expensive caterer that doesn't perform to your standards. By choosing Crawdad's! you aren't taking a risk. If you aren't willing to take a chance of having a bad experience then choose Crawdad's! to cater your event. We guarantee Good Food and Good Fun.

What's the largest event you've done?
We've catered events as small as 50 and large as 5,000. Crawdad's! has the experience and expertise to successfully cater your large event while making sure everyone is served quickly and has a fun time. We have a successful track record from Fortune 500 companies to local 'Mom and Pops' and we've got the testimonials to prove it.

Can I sample your food?
Absolutely! Because we're not a restaurant and all our food is cooked fresh for your event, we ask that you put down a deposit on your event first. Once your deposit is confirmed we'll setup a time to deliver a food sample. If for any reason you're not thrilled with our food we'll gladly refund your deposit - although it's never happened before. Don't want to put down a deposit? No problem. Just visit our Google or Yahoo! pages to see what folks have to say about our food.

What makes Crawdad's! crawfish taste so much better than everyone elses?
We use a unique blend of seasonings and a recipe that comes directly from Lafayette, Louisiana. In addition to that, we take the extra time and extra measures to ensure that our crawfish soak up and retain all of the flavor during our cooking process. We make sure the crawfish isn't overcooked and tasteless like most crawfish cookers, and we make sure all that good flavor is soaked in. You'll know the difference the minute you taste our bugs.

I want Crawdad's! to cater my event! How do I schedule it?
Go to the Request A Quote page and submit the details of your event and we'll send you over a custom quote for your event, usually the same business day. Once your 50% deposit is submitted we will lock in your event date..

What type of payments do you accept?
We accept Checks, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.